Measuring Your Ring Size

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You can measure your own or another's ring size quite simply, using a small number of items that are commonly found about the house:-

  • A pair of scissors
  • A strip of paper ¼" wide (can be substituted for a wide piece of string)
  • A pen or thin tipped ball-point pen
  • A ruler or tape measure
Step 1
First you will need to measure the finger that the ring will be worn on. You are looking for the widest part of the finger, usually the knuckle although it may be different places on different hands. You can use an old ring to check for this.
Measure the finger around the widest part
Step 2
With the finger placement identified, you will need a strip of paper about ¼" wide that is long enough to wrap around your finger at least 1½ times. You can also use a thin card or plastic.
Get a strip of paper to put around your finger
Step 3
Now wrap the strip of paper or string, around the finger. When you have it wrapped all the way around, you will need to make a mark for measuring. Use a pencil or ball-point pen, and not permanent marker – it’s all too easy to slip, and markers are harder to wash off!
Wrap the paper around your finger and mark where it overlaps
Step 4
Add the thickness of the silver to the length marked on your paper. You can either measure this with a ruler and transfer the length to the silver, or mark it against the silver to get the right length
Add the thickness of the silver to be used to the measurement, and mark clearly which side of the paper is your measurement

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