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The Role and Responsibilities of the Coach and Mentor (PDF)

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This research paper focuses primarily on the area of the role and responsibilities of the coach and mentor, and aims to:-

  • Define the role of coaches and mentors
  • Identify values, attitudes, beliefs and skills required when coaching and mentoring
  • Identify different methods of building rapport and creating an appropriate climate for coaching and mentoring
  • Explore legislative requirements, organisational policies and procedures and referrals

Investigation is made into each of the above areas in order to provide an overview of the topic itself, and analyse the role and responsibilities of coaches and mentors.

Target Audience

This research paper is primarily targeted at teachers and tutors in the Adult and Community sector of Adult Education, although it holds definite points of interest to Further and Higher Education lecturers, assessors and curriculum managers in all areas.

Extract: The Role and Responsibilities of the Coach and Mentor

Coaching and mentoring are two roles that are particularly important in teaching, and are both quite similar yet with distinct differences. These are both processes that take place in a variety of different scenarios that are wholly and purposefully undertaken with the intention of helping the subject achieve their full potential.

In terms of the teaching environment, a teacher can perform both of these roles independently not only for their learners, but also for their colleagues and peers in order to support and encourage best practice and...



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