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Wedding Rings Workshop For Two

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Your wedding day is special, marking the union of two people very much in love. The rings you wear as a token of the promise made on your wedding day should be equally special, and we can help you to make them even more so. Receiving a wedding ring that is not only from your beloved, but has been made by them can add an extra sparkle to your wedding day itself and as a permanent reminder throughout your married life.

Our Wedding Rings workshop offers an intimate setting, with just the two of you and our staff present. You can make a ring for your other, or for yourself - the choice is yours, with a choice of a single or double band. The workshop not only includes the tuition, but we'll also take care of arranging full UK hallmarking of the rings you have made plus deliver them completed in a presentation case ready for your special day*, and even provide personalised invitation cards. We'll even arrange for a photographer on the day if you'd like to capture the memories in print in a bound album**.

The one day introductory workshop covers a variety of different techniques to help you learn how to make your own or your partner's silver wedding band, with gold available as a second day workshop***. The workshop runs from 10am to around 4pm and includes tea/coffee and biscuits.

The wedding band you make can be a single or double band ring selected from a range of thicknesses, and if you want a wider band than the materials allow, we can provide additional materials although at extra cost - please contact us to discuss your requirements and we'll provide a quotation for the additional cost (if applicable).

Tools, equipment and materials for the workshop are all available from our resources, eliminating any additional purchases on your behalf, so you only need to come along with your enthusiasm and partner in order to undertake the workshop.

We can also provide a gift card for you to give the workshop as a gift to the happy couple including attractive printed invitation letters or cards. If you have further requirements, please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs.

When purchasing a workshop, we will be in contact to arrange a date to hold it on - you will be asked to provide three potential dates that would be suitable so that we can aim to book a date at our workshop at the Southlands Centre in Middlesbrough that meets your needs.

We are also able to provide ‘one-off’ projects that can be delivered as workshops for all skill levels, ranging from complete beginners to more experienced students. Please note that this listing is for our introductory workshop; more advanced or alternative projects may differ in timing and cost - please contact us to discuss your requirements.

* Time allowing - hallmarking can take several weeks as a minimum, sometimes longer, and we'll usually have to clean off any marks made during the testing process.
** Please contact us for a quotation, we'll check with our list of photographers and provide you with the best quote available.
*** At additional cost, not included in the price of the Wedding Rings workshop. The gold is a lot more costly to work in and we'll need to provide a quotation due to fluctuations in the price of gold over time, and we always recommend learning with a less costly metal first as it's cheaper to make mistakes with.

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